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The Artiste : Sri Samrat Dutta

The owner and director of the institutionof ‘ANGAMANTRA’, Sri Samrat Dutta is a celebrated Bharatnatyam performer based in Kolkata, West Bengal. He is a disciple of Padmabhushan professor C.V Chandrashekar and is trained in Marga Natya under Kalamandalayam Piyal. Being a prominent and distinguished teacher and choreographer, he has created an inspiring depiction for aspiring performers in Indian Classical dance forms. He has performed in many exalted and prestigious festivals all over India giving his finest performances and spearheading the splendour of Bharatnatyam in all its glory. He has been graded as a top Grade solo Bharatnatyam artist of Prasar Bharati, a broadcasting company for Doordarshan Network at an age that is unheard of. At a young age, he can boast of accomplishments that are incomparable and is not easily achieved compared to others in the field. Sri Samrat Dutta holds a Junior Fellowship from the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training under the Ministry of Culture,Government of India and is an empanelled Bharatnatyam artist of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

As a founder of the Bharatnatyam Institute of ‘ANGAMANTRA’ located in Kolkata, Sri Samrat Dutta is dedicated to create an outlook for future generations regarding the traditional philosophy deeply rooted in art, music and dance forms. His vision is to train the young generation with a modern outlook towards the traditional practices that will create a beautiful assimilation of the old and the new is his vision. The director of the institute enriches lives by creating a vision that has given classical dance form a new perspective especially for the younger generations. He has been devoted and focused towards creating mindful cognizance regarding the diversity of classical dance forms.He has accordingly worked towards incorporating awareness by encouraging more students to engage and involve in the dance community. He has created a lasting impression in the field of dance education and performing art through paramount performance and efficient dance styles. He has integrated young students in the community through his charismatic impression and helps them develop skills further by establishing a positive outlook towards the spiritual awakening, awareness of the body and the mind that dance induces.

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